I Have Found My Voice and I Refuse to Shut Up

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My Voice

Sexually assaulted at age 19 and married to an abuser at age 20…I got lost and forgot who I was.

For years I had

no self-worth,

no identity,

no voice


I took back my self-worth.

I took back my identity.

I took back my voice.

I took back my life.

I Have Found My Voice and I Refuse to Shut Up became my motto in 2005.

I knew I had always been an intelligent person but I had been spun in so many circles and clouded with so much self-doubt that I thought I had literally, somehow, become dumb.

Once those clouds lifted…

I discovered I have a great sense of humor.

I discovered I am a talented photographer…an artist.

I discovered my purpose…my calling in life.

This was my awakening.

I vowed never to lose my identity again and most importantly never to lose my voice again.

I hope this site will bring awareness on the serious issues of domestic violence, sexual assault, and bullying.

If it can serve as an awakening for even one person then I will consider it a success.

You are not alone.

Write yourself a happy ending,

Contact Veronica:


  1. Debi Cox says:

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is a very serious subject and it is a blessing to see more information on the Internet regarding abuse!

  2. Where are you Veronica? I’m starting to get nervous!!

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