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Things My Abuser Said to Me (usually through gritted teeth and clenched fists)

(Please excuse the offensive language but it’s important to hear and feel the full impact of what was said.)

Stupid fucking bitch!!

IF you were raped I’m sure it was your own fault.

You are nothing compared to my high school sweetheart.

Tears are a sign of weakness so quit feeling sorry for yourself. Are you going to have a pity party…boohoohoo.

What kind of a mother are you?

You don’t have any friends. No one likes you.

You must be a lesbian. You’d rather spend time with your girlfriends than me.

No you cannot sell stupid candles if it means you won’t be home to do my laundry.

I’m not your babysitter. Take the kids with you.

You don’t appreciate the fact that I allow you to stay home and take care of the kids and not work.

I know you have slept with every man who has ever knocked on the front door.

Don’t you ever walk away from me. No one ever walks away from me.

It’s your fault I pushed you down the stairs. You shouldn’t have walked away from me.

You’re lucky I don’t hit you…stupid fucking bitch.

Your sense of reality is warped. You live in a fantasy world.

You deserve what I say you deserve.

Shut the fuck up!!

I’m a man and I know how to please a woman. Don’t you ever tell me you don’t enjoy it.

I’m not an alcoholic. It’s your fault I drink.

Fucking liar.

If you ever ask me to choose between you and her, I will look you right in the eye and say FUCK YOU!

If you ever expect to find a man who doesn’t curse you and punch holes in walls I hope you’re prepared to spend the rest of your life alone.

I hate you. You ruined my life.

I’m not abusive. You exaggerate everything.


  1. I am seriously hoping this is an Ex-Abuser.

  2. So happy you realized you deserve soooo much better

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