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Safety Planning

If you’re in an abusive relationship you should always have a safety plan.

Be ready to leave. Plan ahead.

Pack a bag…pack clothes, money or a checkbook and important papers.
Keep the bag in a safe place. Keep it with a friend or family member. Write down phone numbers for the police, a shelter, relatives or friends. Keep numbers where you can find them.

Find a safe place. Go to a friend or family member’s home. Go to a shelter. Call the National Domestic Violence Hot-line at 1-800-799-7233. Ask where the closest shelter is. Go to a motel or hotel. (Save enough money to pay at least for 1 night.)

Plan how to leave. Think about how you will go.

Will you leave by car? Keep the keys where you can find them. Put extra car keys in a safe place. Keep gas in the car.

Will you take a bus or a taxi? Know where the station is or the number to call. Have money for your fare.

Will you get a ride from a friend? Know who you can call.

Will you leave on foot? Think about where you will go.

If you have children, talk to them.
Tell them the abuse is not their fault.
Tell them to stay out of the fighting.
Teach them to call 9-1-1 or go to a neighbor for help. Teach them to know what to do when the fighting starts.

It’s not your fault either. Do not take advice from people who say the abuse is your fault. It’s hard to make a plan to be safe if you think you are to blame.

Abuse is not normal.

You deserve to be safe.

It’s not your job to stop the abuse. You can’t.

Have a plan in place. Be ready and stay safe.

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